Alex Alexander Returns Regularly This Fall to UR FEW Radio [Listen to his Segment] 

(September 7th) AUDIO BELOW: The occasional UR FEW Radio station ID, event coverage, perhaps even a familiar music beat/bed can be recognized of the international producer, singer/songwriter, and guitarist, but his personal taste on music, fashion, and lifestyle news until now has been sporadic. Well--begin to mark your calendars. #aamadeinsweden Alex Alexander will be appearing regularly this fall on UR FEW Radio (your/you are) Fashion. Entertainment. Wellness Radio which airs LIVE on Sundays via a LIVE studio in the US, but is available worldwide on TuneIn mobile/online application.

This musician and model is working alongside artist development/brand management UR FEW Media, specifically brand manager, Asha Spacek on not only latest imaging, articles, single release, and more, but after countless hours of hilarious, yet factual feedback from AA during their strategy sessions, Asha thought it was time to give Alex a fuller slot. "I felt it was time that his current and future fans begin to hear not only the passion and knowledge he has for the industries he is part, but also to show that this young kid [probably to some] can hold a conversation about the influence of what's to come of his generation in this realm, but even with English being his second learned language-he clearly has an opinion. Why not share it?"

Eventually Alex will gain a regular time slot each week -but for now- he will announce on his/their social media when you can expect to hear him on that week. If you happen to miss the tweet, post, or promo, then of course, as a member of this page, an archive will later be posted for you to play over and over.

Listen to Alex Alexander segment (below) for the September 7, 2014 show which has been rescheduled to return LIVE Sunday, September 21st at 9pm {Stockholm time} US times: 2-4pm CST, 3pm EST/Noon Pacific. -all content was read & prepared by AA; -audio imaging/editing by host/producer asha spacek

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