Tween Dance Class APPROVES: New Single, "She's A Dynamite" [Sweden]

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(Dec). New Single Love: International 'tweens' find new single, "She's A Dynamite," by singer/songwriter and guitarist Alex Alexander ROCK-OUT worthy! The fun, #yolo free girls are seen dancing to the new track at the professional dance studio of the #aamadeinsweden niece {video} below.

One might jump to include: 'Well, its quite easy for a relative to promote a new artists' single!' Contrary. If you have ever done any type of creative work, often you will find that those closest to you, are usually near last in understanding what you do is actually fan/share worthy. Especially amongst -no offense- teen/tween girls who might head bang or "whip their hair" to your tune today, but then "thumbs down" you tomorrow. For a dance class who must listen to a song over-and-over to practice the routine, rehearse at home, and promote what they're doing to a tune that is not mainstream [YET] is quite astonishing! Hey, we'll take it. Enjoy this amazing parent video below of a portion of the girls performing to Alex Alexander, 'She's A Dynamite.'
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