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Alex Alexander partnered up with Yamaha Music USA  once again on the beautiful Yamaha Silent Guitar with a custom made video shot in Long Beach California. 

Read the full blog post here  - Alex Alexander Silent Guitar

Alex Alexander is back with an acoustic version of his own single ''Next To You'' in cooperation with Yamaha Guitars USA on their very special ''Silent Guitar'' Watch it now on Yamaha Music Official Facebook Page!

Next To You

''Next To You'' is out a hard hitting club song with Norwegian Producer Maye!

Listen to ''Next To You'' -


Worth It

Alex Alexander is now coming out with his first single for 2018 ''Worth It'' a hot Pop song with a sexy R&B vibe.

Listen to ''Worth It'' -


Never Back Down

Listen to Alex Alexander's new single ''Never Back Down''

Listen to ''Never Back Down'' -


Back Home

Summer is not over and today Alex Alexander is coming out with yet another party tune. This time together with German DJ Honka that is touring all over Germany!

Listen to ''Back Home'' -


Everything with you

Alex Alexander & Lucas Estrada ''Everything With You'' is out now! Brand new single with the power duo from Sweden is out and ready to kick it for summer!

Listen to ''Everything With You'' -


Drunk On Conversation

Alex Alexander & Amy Hef ''Drunk On Conversation'' is out now! This brand new single with talented singer Amy Hef from Canada is Alex Alexander's 4th single during 2017 perfect for those sweet summer nights!

Listen to ''Drunk On Conversation'' -


Brand New Single by Alex Alexander & Lucas Estrada ''A Little Thing We've Got'' ft. Kozze gets placement on one of Spotify's biggest playlists New Music Friday Global with over 2 Million Followers

Brand New Single by Alex Alexander & Lucas Estrada ''A Little Thing We've Got'' ft. Kozze gets placement on one of Spotify's biggest playlists New Music Friday Global with over 2 Million Followers

A Little Thing We've Got

Alex Alexander & Lucas Estrada ft. Kozze ''A Little Thing We've Got'' is out now! This brand new track is Alex Alexander and Lucas 2nd single together featuring talented LA singer Kozze.

Listen to ''A Little Thing We've Got'' -


Can't Get Enough

''Can't Get Enough'' Alex Alexander's 7th solo single is out today go get it !

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Alex Alexander At Musikmesse Frankfurt 2017

New Show Dates In Germany at Musikmese 2017

New Show Dates In Germany at Musikmese 2017

Don't Wanna Let You Go

Alex Alexander & Lucas Estrada brand new single ''Don't Wanna Let You Go'' is out now go get it !

Listen to Don't Wanna Let You Go Here -


Christmas Is Here

Holiday season is starting make sure you put Alex Alexander's single ''Christmas Is Here'' in your playlist for those sweet winter nights!

Listen to Christmas Is Here -


Nuits d'Etoiles - All Life

Nuits d’Etoiles the brand new Dj Duo that Alex Alexander was part of creating earlier this year return with their follow up single ‘All Life’, which is out now on Spinnin' Records (SOURCE) October 7th 2016. You can hear Alex Alexander as the singer and co producer together with his partner Yohann on this brand new release! ''We tried to create the perfect track to get the mood started for a great party with its mix of Tropical House and Swedish Pop'' says the duo! 

Listen to All Life Here -!RTST


Lyric Video

Bad Luck

On April 1st 2016 Alex Alexander released ''Bad Luck'' his fourth independent single, Bad Luck is a Pop/RnB tune with a 50's style twist to the production and leads your thoughts to the sound of Smokey Robinson and the Motown era but keeping it still in the relevant contemporary pop style.

Bad Luck now reached over 500,000 Streams on Spotify.

Listen to Bad Luck Here -



NEW SINGLE: "Monday Morning" Alex Alexander, feat. DemarioSB

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DEBUT SINGLE, "She's A Dynamite" AVAILABLE on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, AmazonMP3 & other worldwide stores...

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+Enjoy aa covering fun songs by artists like 'Imagine Dragons,' 'Roxette,' 'Black Eyed Peas,' 'Bruno Mars,' & more under the VIDEO TAB.

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Debut Single: "She's A Dynamite" Available Worldwide 600+ Stores

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AA NEWS: Made In Sweden/US CrossOver

"Monday Morning" New Music Alert: #MondayMorningSong, by ALEX ALEXANDER  

(Before End Of Summer 2015). New music alert! Of course AA's in-house team chose to release "Monday Morning," Alex Alexander's SECOND worldwide track release -pop/hip hop single- on an actual Monday: August 27, 2015 to be exact, via Revolution Entertainment. But the Swedish born pop/rock artist, gave us a little twist. With so much growing popularity in 'where stars are born,' Los Angeles, California, Alex chose to team with a feature including LA rapper, DemarioSB, whom you might see any given week on a Cali stage, loved the Monday Morning concept. Preview the song at the bottom of the website, and temporarily download for FREE below the post. Say hello, by Tagging YOUR Monday Morning selfie with <hashtag> #mondaymorningsong @AlexAlexanderArtist on Instagram or Facebook.

So how did this song/arrangement come about?

Alex Alexander already works full time as a songwriter for publishing houses throughout Europe and Asia, however, LA publisher Revolution Entertainment, took a vocal notice to AA's previous work/website and requested a meeting. During a run to Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, & DTLA area for another artist music video filming, a radio award show, and of course to begin pounding the pavement with some of the virtual introductions to date- alongside and crafted by AA's brand manager [slash artwork concept creator/ slash web designer], asha spacek, the desire to work together was evident. Alex actually 'submitted' Monday Morning for written licensing consideration, NOT for himself at all, but leading RE publisher 'Rock,' insisted that Alex give it a go for his own recording, possibly inserting another Revolution Entertainment publishing artist...drumroll please, DemarioSB, for the rap/hip hop elements. And there you have it. A brand manager from the midwest, an awesome rockstar in the making in Sweden, and a publisher and rapper established in Los Angeles--working together. The power of the internet.

What is Monday Morning about? YOU know that feeling...the alarm goes off...its freaking Monday morning and you just stare at yourself in the mirror- or can barely get out bed- OR because it's 2015, you take a Monday Morning selfie. After realizing you may, or may not, have done some favorable things over the weekend., you face reality that there's nothing you can do but live with yourself, and get ready for the long awaited day; BUT feel free to get AA's perspective on the song.

Two music mediums (links below) have already shown their support starting as early as ONE day following the official single release, earlier this week...on 'Monday Morning.' We are grateful for the industry support and the near 3,000 Spotify streams in a matter of days.

Alex Alexander will be in the Los Angeles area this Fall.

Interview/appearance/booking requests:
Brand Manager, asha spacek, +13108746243

Raynbow Affair Magazine (feature)
Magic Music Magazine (highlight)

SPOTIFY VIRAL 50 [SWEDEN]: 'She's A Dynamite,' Number #25, Alex Alexander 

(August 2015). It's amazing when you wake up, check all your music emails, notifications, etc, and discover that you have been chosen and 'Officially' part of THE Spotify Viral 50 [Sweden] List. And at what- amazingly honored number- on this top list? Alex Alexander, Swedish/US cross over artist: Number Twenty-Five (No. 25); the half way point to number one. As an unsigned label newbie, not too shabby, right!? Thank you, Spotify for noticing our efforts in sharing debut single, "She's A Dynamite," by Swedish pop/rock singer-songwriter-guitarist and producer, Alex Alexander. Rock On! #spotifyviral50

Follow all other immediate news, updates, and lots of personal #BTS (behind-the-scenes) pics of 'AA' at:

Instagram: @AlexAlexanderArtist
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Spotify: Track, "She's A Dynamite"

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"MOVE OVER...One Direction/5 Seconds Of Summer..." ALEX ALEXANDER [New York Music Review] 

alex alexander instagram photo: @alexalexanderartist

(July, 2015). New York, New York indie music blogger 'Glitter and Stilettos' says, "...Move over One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer and make way for Alex Alexander!" Truly understanding the music and image brand growth of AA both internationally, as well as for the [US] states- without artist submission, the NY fashion and music reviewer speaks specific details about WHY Alex Alexander is the next hottest visual and music thing <according to her, of course>. She continues about the actual 'AA' debut single:

She’s A Dynamite” has all of the makings of an international chart topper and Top40 dominator...AND a quintessential pop hit with all of the makings of a timeless summer anthem...according to 'Glitter and Stilettos.'  Read the full music review here or click on the image below.

Glitter and Stilettos Screen Shot: Alex Alexander Music Review

 Alex Alexander Booking/Interviews/Sponsorship: contact brand manager, asha spacek or +13108746243
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Alex Alexander Called 'Pop-Star In The Making' By Canadian Music Reviewer 

(May 2015). "Alex has a great sound overall…in my opinion, certainly a pop-superstar in the making" according to BA,Canada based music reviewer 'Jer at SBC' {Sleeping Bag Studios}. Seemingly, he can sniff out all of the ambition, goals, and intent for the "She's A Dynamite," debut release versus the oriented future plans for growing the Alex Alexander music artist brand/image. Jer continues:

"Alex Alexander put out a smartly-written pop-song here on “She’s A Dynamite” and I think if anything, should surrender to his own incredible instincts as a songwriter and give in to his own groove to find his way to the top of the pop charts." Read Jer's entire 'Special Reports' Music Review here.

Thank you to Sleeping Bag Studios and especially Jer@SBC for an outstanding write up! The SBC mission statement includes:
To inspire and encourage the independent music community until it over-takes the mainstream.

Alex Alexander available for appearances/correspondence, tours, LIVE events, shoots, radio promotions, interviews & more!

Booking/Appearances: US Brand Manager, Asha Spacek, +13108746243

104.7 KISSFM PLAYS 'She's A Dynamite,' Alex Alexander [US Debut Single News]  

104.7 KISSFM Official Website

(May 2015). Imagine this: the infamous #1 Hit Music Station KISSFM, known as the iHeart Radio mainstream Top40 broadcast radio source- across the nation- plays Usher's New Single, 'I Don't Mind,' and then shortly after plays debut single, 'She's A Dynamite,' by Alex Alexander, an emerging Pop/Rock Swedish artist crossing over into the US? Yes, that just happened. LISTEN BELOW!

104.7 KISSFM [Phoenix] Airplay Radio Clip: Host Bryant C calls single 'SHE'S A DYNAMITE' "A great song- all the way around...absolutely phenomenal..." Bryant even ends the outro with saying: "Alex has it going on!" (PLAY BELOW)



Alex Alexander available for appearances, LIVE events, radio promotions, tours, interviews & more!
Booking/Appearances: US Brand Manager, Asha Spacek, +13108746243


March, 2015. As a major music artist, not all music is approved for the popular streaming/internet radio service, 'Pandora,' and as an independent artist, despite the increasing popularity for DIY distribution services that will get you listed with say iTunes and even Spotify, Pandora is NEVER included in the deal? Why?! because they still select which artists, and which songs [full album versus tracks] will be made available for the listening artist. We are proud to announce that the Swedish based- desires to crossover to the US- emerging pop/rock artist Alex Alexander's debut single, "She's A Dynamite," has 'officially' been chosen for Pandora. His US brand manager, asha spacek, took care of the logistics since unfortunately AA can not even access the actual service in Sweden. Their market is dominated -of course- by Spotify (its birthplace). Congratulations! For those that can access his channel, here you go!


(Friday, February 6, 2015). Second on air radio invite in less than one (1) month: Watch Alex Alexander [video below] return to Sveriges Radio P4 Skaraborg- LIVE, to not only perform a special acoustic version of "She's A Dynamite," to the area's largest Swedish Radio Network, but was also invited to stay for a full half hour set [unexpectedly]. What an honor!? AA managed to crank out three (3) unknowing back-to-back acoustic covers [including guitar of course], in between full interview stop sets with host, Ronny Nyman. As a grande finale, the #aamadeinsweden artist closed his reserved spot with his debut single that seems to be steaming up the local demand across Sweden, the UK, as well as a crossover artist, with an increasing American/US online presence -especially Los Angeles, California- and fan following.

Alex Alexander FULL Interview Segments, Debut Single, Plus LIVE Acoustic Covers:
(1) Liquor Store Blues/ Bruno Mars (2) State Of Mind/ Raul Midón (3) Warriors/ Imagine Dragons

Alex is certainly working on new artist material, songwriting, and booking LIVE performances across the country/US., IG: @AlexAlexanderArtist

booking/interviews/sponsor: brand manager, asha spacek, +13108746243


(Jan 2015). Alex Alexander was invited with the honor to walk into the LIVE radio station of P4 Skaraborg LIVE Swedish radio station [based in Sweden] for a full feature interview with radio host Camilla Milton at 10:30am Swedish time on Wednesay, January 7, 2015. Not a bad New Year present! The amazing host [Milton] reached out to interview and air AA's debut single, "She's A Dynamite," LIVE ON AIR after discovering one of Alex's shared posts on social media site, Facebook. The post featured another recent successful radio appearance highlighting Alex Alexander for his new single -alongside an interview in the Hollywood, California/US market- a huge part of the plan for AA to become a recognized international/US crossover artist. Delighted to support a fellow Swede, Milton and Alexander had a great (yet revealing) time on air chatting about Alexander's career goals, future vision, his arrangement with his US brand manager, asha spacek, and of course his latest news accomplishments like ranking No.3 of 50 Hottest Scandinavian pop artists, according to ScandiPop (Stockholm/London); edging out a few already mainstream or established Swedish artists. Why? How? Camilla offers her opinion, but also unveils how this is all coming to be, via their chat, which if you (or someone you know) speak Swedish, can play/listen below.  Or try, just for fun?!

Dear Sweden, we appreciate the home support! -Alex Alexander & Brand Manager, @ashaspacek #socialmediastory
Alex Alexander LIVE Interview/Debut Single AirPlay @srp4skaraborg (L), Alex w/Brand Manager Asha Spacek (R)-Hollywood, CA [USA]




ALEX ALEXANDER: MAKES NUMBER #6 On Al Walser's Weekly Top20 Countdown Show, +INTERVIEW [Hollywood, CA]  

(Jan 6, 2014). Hosted by Grammy Nominated Producer, Al Walser, "Al Walser's Weekly Top20" has become the World's Number #1 Weekly Syndicated Top20 Countdown show out of Hollywood, California, and is now the first home of broadcast music TOP LISTS for newly debuted artist: Alex Alexander (from Sweden).

AA just released his new single, "She's A Dynamite," independently with worldwide distribution a matter of months ago. The #aamadeinsweden Pop/Rock artist manages to come in at NUMBER SIX (6) on celebrity singer/songwriter/producer - Walser's list- broadcast weekly on over 80 radio stations in over 50 countries and distributed to over 20,000 DJ's and industry leaders, attracting a total of over 12.5 million listeners worldwide.


The show's music mix is a mainstream blend of Pop/Rock/Dance and is hosted by Grammy Nominated Producer Al Walser. Amongst established hits and star guests, the show prides itself to also introduce great new trending music by indie artists worldwide like Alex Alexander. Alex Alexander is a professional up-and-coming singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer and part-time model crossing over from Sweden to the US with the help of his 'day one' brand manager, asha spacek (US). Learn more about Alex Alexander: here


Alex Alexander No. #6 on Walser's Top20 Countdown (last name error)

Contact AA:
Brand Manager/Booking: asha spacek, +13108746243

*information and images courtesy of Al Walser official website


ALEX ALEXANDER RANKS #3: THE TOP 50 Hottest Guys in Scandinavian Pop Music [2014] 

(Dec 31st) The Top 50 Hottest Guys in Scandinavian Pop Music 2014

ALEX ALEXANDER (Sweden) RANKS #3 OF 50 hottest noted pop music artists- spanning the Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland region.
The annual end of the year list was curated by ScandiPop UK, the latest news and reviews from the world of Scandinavian pop music! Thank you for the honor...."Rock On!" -Alex Alexander

AA on IG: FOLLOW @AlexAlexanderArtist


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Alex Alexander: 'AA'
#9 On Spotify Viral50 [2015-Sweden]
International/Award Winning I Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer, Lifestyle/Fitness Model

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