Alex Alexander Called 'Pop-Star In The Making' By Canadian Music Reviewer

(May 2015). "Alex has a great sound overall…in my opinion, certainly a pop-superstar in the making" according to BA,Canada based music reviewer 'Jer at SBC' {Sleeping Bag Studios}. Seemingly, he can sniff out all of the ambition, goals, and intent for the "She's A Dynamite," debut release versus the oriented future plans for growing the Alex Alexander music artist brand/image. Jer continues:

"Alex Alexander put out a smartly-written pop-song here on “She’s A Dynamite” and I think if anything, should surrender to his own incredible instincts as a songwriter and give in to his own groove to find his way to the top of the pop charts." Read Jer's entire 'Special Reports' Music Review here.

Thank you to Sleeping Bag Studios and especially Jer@SBC for an outstanding write up! The SBC mission statement includes:
To inspire and encourage the independent music community until it over-takes the mainstream.

Alex Alexander available for appearances/correspondence, tours, LIVE events, shoots, radio promotions, interviews & more!

Booking/Appearances: US Brand Manager, Asha Spacek, +13108746243

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