(Jan 2015). Alex Alexander was invited with the honor to walk into the LIVE radio station of P4 Skaraborg LIVE Swedish radio station [based in Sweden] for a full feature interview with radio host Camilla Milton at 10:30am Swedish time on Wednesay, January 7, 2015. Not a bad New Year present! The amazing host [Milton] reached out to interview and air AA's debut single, "She's A Dynamite," LIVE ON AIR after discovering one of Alex's shared posts on social media site, Facebook. The post featured another recent successful radio appearance highlighting Alex Alexander for his new single -alongside an interview in the Hollywood, California/US market- a huge part of the plan for AA to become a recognized international/US crossover artist. Delighted to support a fellow Swede, Milton and Alexander had a great (yet revealing) time on air chatting about Alexander's career goals, future vision, his arrangement with his US brand manager, asha spacek, and of course his latest news accomplishments like ranking No.3 of 50 Hottest Scandinavian pop artists, according to ScandiPop (Stockholm/London); edging out a few already mainstream or established Swedish artists. Why? How? Camilla offers her opinion, but also unveils how this is all coming to be, via their chat, which if you (or someone you know) speak Swedish, can play/listen below.  Or try, just for fun?!

Dear Sweden, we appreciate the home support! -Alex Alexander & Brand Manager, @ashaspacek #socialmediastory
Alex Alexander LIVE Interview/Debut Single AirPlay @srp4skaraborg (L), Alex w/Brand Manager Asha Spacek (R)-Hollywood, CA [USA]




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