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104.7 KISSFM PLAYS 'She's A Dynamite,' Alex Alexander [US Debut Single News]  

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(May 2015). Imagine this: the infamous #1 Hit Music Station KISSFM, known as the iHeart Radio mainstream Top40 broadcast radio source- across the nation- plays Usher's New Single, 'I Don't Mind,' and then shortly after plays debut single, 'She's A Dynamite,' by Alex Alexander, an emerging Pop/Rock Swedish artist crossing over into the US? Yes, that just happened. LISTEN BELOW!

104.7 KISSFM [Phoenix] Airplay Radio Clip: Host Bryant C calls single 'SHE'S A DYNAMITE' "A great song- all the way around...absolutely phenomenal..." Bryant even ends the outro with saying: "Alex has it going on!" (PLAY BELOW)



Alex Alexander available for appearances, LIVE events, radio promotions, tours, interviews & more!
Booking/Appearances: US Brand Manager, Asha Spacek, +13108746243


(Friday, February 6, 2015). Second on air radio invite in less than one (1) month: Watch Alex Alexander [video below] return to Sveriges Radio P4 Skaraborg- LIVE, to not only perform a special acoustic version of "She's A Dynamite," to the area's largest Swedish Radio Network, but was also invited to stay for a full half hour set [unexpectedly]. What an honor!? AA managed to crank out three (3) unknowing back-to-back acoustic covers [including guitar of course], in between full interview stop sets with host, Ronny Nyman. As a grande finale, the #aamadeinsweden artist closed his reserved spot with his debut single that seems to be steaming up the local demand across Sweden, the UK, as well as a crossover artist, with an increasing American/US online presence -especially Los Angeles, California- and fan following.

Alex Alexander FULL Interview Segments, Debut Single, Plus LIVE Acoustic Covers:
(1) Liquor Store Blues/ Bruno Mars (2) State Of Mind/ Raul Midón (3) Warriors/ Imagine Dragons

Alex is certainly working on new artist material, songwriting, and booking LIVE performances across the country/US., IG: @AlexAlexanderArtist

booking/interviews/sponsor: brand manager, asha spacek, +13108746243


(Jan 2015). Alex Alexander was invited with the honor to walk into the LIVE radio station of P4 Skaraborg LIVE Swedish radio station [based in Sweden] for a full feature interview with radio host Camilla Milton at 10:30am Swedish time on Wednesay, January 7, 2015. Not a bad New Year present! The amazing host [Milton] reached out to interview and air AA's debut single, "She's A Dynamite," LIVE ON AIR after discovering one of Alex's shared posts on social media site, Facebook. The post featured another recent successful radio appearance highlighting Alex Alexander for his new single -alongside an interview in the Hollywood, California/US market- a huge part of the plan for AA to become a recognized international/US crossover artist. Delighted to support a fellow Swede, Milton and Alexander had a great (yet revealing) time on air chatting about Alexander's career goals, future vision, his arrangement with his US brand manager, asha spacek, and of course his latest news accomplishments like ranking No.3 of 50 Hottest Scandinavian pop artists, according to ScandiPop (Stockholm/London); edging out a few already mainstream or established Swedish artists. Why? How? Camilla offers her opinion, but also unveils how this is all coming to be, via their chat, which if you (or someone you know) speak Swedish, can play/listen below.  Or try, just for fun?!

Dear Sweden, we appreciate the home support! -Alex Alexander & Brand Manager, @ashaspacek #socialmediastory
Alex Alexander LIVE Interview/Debut Single AirPlay @srp4skaraborg (L), Alex w/Brand Manager Asha Spacek (R)-Hollywood, CA [USA]




ALEX ALEXANDER: MAKES NUMBER #6 On Al Walser's Weekly Top20 Countdown Show, +INTERVIEW [Hollywood, CA]  

(Jan 6, 2014). Hosted by Grammy Nominated Producer, Al Walser, "Al Walser's Weekly Top20" has become the World's Number #1 Weekly Syndicated Top20 Countdown show out of Hollywood, California, and is now the first home of broadcast music TOP LISTS for newly debuted artist: Alex Alexander (from Sweden).

AA just released his new single, "She's A Dynamite," independently with worldwide distribution a matter of months ago. The #aamadeinsweden Pop/Rock artist manages to come in at NUMBER SIX (6) on celebrity singer/songwriter/producer - Walser's list- broadcast weekly on over 80 radio stations in over 50 countries and distributed to over 20,000 DJ's and industry leaders, attracting a total of over 12.5 million listeners worldwide.


The show's music mix is a mainstream blend of Pop/Rock/Dance and is hosted by Grammy Nominated Producer Al Walser. Amongst established hits and star guests, the show prides itself to also introduce great new trending music by indie artists worldwide like Alex Alexander. Alex Alexander is a professional up-and-coming singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer and part-time model crossing over from Sweden to the US with the help of his 'day one' brand manager, asha spacek (US). Learn more about Alex Alexander: here


Alex Alexander No. #6 on Walser's Top20 Countdown (last name error)

Contact AA:
Brand Manager/Booking: asha spacek, +13108746243

*information and images courtesy of Al Walser official website


Alex Alexander Returns Regularly This Fall to UR FEW Radio [Listen to his Segment]  

(September 7th) AUDIO BELOW: The occasional UR FEW Radio station ID, event coverage, perhaps even a familiar music beat/bed can be recognized of the international producer, singer/songwriter, and guitarist, but his personal taste on music, fashion, and lifestyle news until now has been sporadic. Well--begin to mark your calendars. #aamadeinsweden Alex Alexander will be appearing regularly this fall on UR FEW Radio (your/you are) Fashion. Entertainment. Wellness Radio which airs LIVE on Sundays via a LIVE studio in the US, but is available worldwide on TuneIn mobile/online application.

This musician and model is working alongside artist development/brand management UR FEW Media, specifically brand manager, Asha Spacek on not only latest imaging, articles, single release, and more, but after countless hours of hilarious, yet factual feedback from AA during their strategy sessions, Asha thought it was time to give Alex a fuller slot. "I felt it was time that his current and future fans begin to hear not only the passion and knowledge he has for the industries he is part, but also to show that this young kid [probably to some] can hold a conversation about the influence of what's to come of his generation in this realm, but even with English being his second learned language-he clearly has an opinion. Why not share it?"

Eventually Alex will gain a regular time slot each week -but for now- he will announce on his/their social media when you can expect to hear him on that week. If you happen to miss the tweet, post, or promo, then of course, as a member of this page, an archive will later be posted for you to play over and over.

Listen to Alex Alexander segment (below) for the September 7, 2014 show which has been rescheduled to return LIVE Sunday, September 21st at 9pm {Stockholm time} US times: 2-4pm CST, 3pm EST/Noon Pacific. -all content was read & prepared by AA; -audio imaging/editing by host/producer asha spacek

@URFEWRadio , learn more...
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